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Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for being an angel in my life. In the last 10 years, you've given me at least 3 miracles. Because of you, I am able to hear and be a part of our social culture and finally engage with my peers, family and loved ones. You've made my life better and I'm very grateful for you and your kindness. I'm your biggest fan and will always have a special place for you in my heart!

With love and appreciation,

Alex | Vail, AZ

Thank you for your help in selecting the Phonak CROS hearing aids. I have been deaf in my right ear for many decades and have been frustrated with my ability to hear the person next to me while driving a car. When I have been in a restaurant or public areas it has been almost impossible to hear properly and be included in a conversation. I have always had to make sure that I was sitting to the right of a person that I wanted to speak with in order to hear them talking.

You introduced me to the Phonak CROS which allows me to hear people on the right and left side of me while in conversation. This was the best thing that has happened to me in years. Now, I can be involved in conversations with multiple people and enjoy public places without having to strain to hear properly.

I highly recommend the Phonak CROS to anyone that is only able to hear out of one ear. Having the ability to enjoy being with company and attending functions in public is such a pleasure now.

Thanks to you, I enjoy being able to hear normally. You can use my name as a referral to anyone that is considering this product. Best wishes to you and your staff.


Bob | Saddlebrooke, AZ
Having been to four different hearing aid “clinics” over the past five years in search of the right hearing aid system, we can say with confidence that audiology is not a science. Audiology is an art. The artist is the audiologist who attempts to match the sophisticated technology available with the person searching for the ability to hear again. It takes knowledge of available hearing aid systems; a special intelligence to understand what the individual wants; patience, immense patience; an understanding and likable personality; the ability to create credibility; the art of planning a long-term strategy because the first option never seems to be the “right and lasting option;” the desire and ability to create a sincere and caring relationship between themselves and the patient.
Sandra | Tucson, AZ