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Our professional staff is trained to give the best possible quality care.

Tucson ENT was established in 1987 by a core group of the community’s outstanding otolaryngologists. Our dynamic practice has evolved and flourished, and now employs nine exceptional physicians, five audiologists and over 60 additional staff members in two convenient locations. Just as our practice has board certified physicians that provide comprehensive treatment for all areas of ear, nose and throat care, our audiologists have unique skills and interests that allow our practice to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking care for their hearing and balance problems.

Our certified audiologists are available to perform a full range of diagnostic audiological services for all ages. In addition to standard hearing testing, we offer special examinations of hearing and balance including Videonystagmography (VNG), Electrocochleography (ECog), Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) evaluations and Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) tests. These specialized tests allow our clinicians to assess patients who cannot typically be tested with standard evaluation techniques.

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    Hearing loss is a widespread condition affecting approximately 20 percent of the American population. The majority of people with hearing loss cannot be treated medically or surgically, but for many of those patients, hearing aids can restore their ability to hear, enabling them to communicate effectively. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more sophisticated than ever before, relying on digital technology for improved sound quality, and a variety of options offer unparalleled flexibility. If you are suffering from a loss of hearing and would like to see if a hearing aid will benefit your lifestyle, please contact us today.

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    Hearing loss is a widespread problem many believe is a “disease of the elderly,” but while some degree of hearing loss due to natural aging is normal, the condition can affect people of all age groups. Exposure to loud noise, head injuries, viruses and bacteria, tumors and certain medications can all interfere with the ability to hear normally. Our staff of audiologists at Tucson Ear, Nose & Throat relies on the latest advances in technology and research to treat hearing loss through its many different stages, providing you with the solutions to live a rewarding and balanced life.

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    A hearing evaluation is a test to assess the sensitivity of a patient’s hearing. It is useful in detecting the type and extent of hearing loss and can help an audiologist determine an appropriate course of treatment. With two convenient locations, Tucson Ear, Nose & Throat provides a variety of hearing tests and services. Our staff of audiologists and physicians offers hearing exams for both adults and children, and treatment for a number of common ear conditions including tinnitus and ear infections.

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